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Bio-revitalization in Kiyv

To turn time back and restore youth of the skin is possible. The department of cosmetic therapy in Dental VixClinic uses the most advanced and effective facial rejuvenation and adjustment modalities.

Today, biological stimulation of the skin, having ensured powerful integrated anti-age effect, is one of the best options for rejuvenating face.

Bio-revitalization technique was invented and developed by scientists of the Italian company Fidia S.P.A.

Bio-revitalization in Kiev is in high demand, because it is an easy and quick process, which provides nevertheless an enduring effect.

Its essence lies in the use of hyaluronic acid, being a major structural component of the skin. Diminishing level of hyaluronic acid in facial skin leads to its aging.

Hyaluronic acid plays crucial role in retaining water in the skin, and level of water is an important factor of skin condition.

Content of hyaluronic acid at the age of 20 taken as 100%, it is proved that it reduces at the age of 30, 50, and 60 years old to 65 %, 45 % and 25 % respectively. Therefore, supplementing hyaluronic acid it is a must.

Indications for bio-revitalization:

  • зage related decrease in facial and neck skin tone;
  • minor wrinkles in periorbital and peri-oral area;
  • large wrinkles (folds) between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds;
  • dehydrated skin;
  • dry, withering skin;
  • dark circles under the eyes, hyperpigmentation.

Contraindications to bio-revitalization:

  • cancer;
  • epilepsy;
  • blood diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation cycle;
  • hyaluronic acid intolerance.

Bio-revitalization can be conducted with either papule technique or mesotherapy. Dental VixClinic Family Clinic recommends this skin restoration once in 2 weeks, 3 to 6 sessions on average.

Results of bio-revitalization are noticeable after the first session and are well fixed after the second session. All subsequent injections are conducted in order to maintain the effect obtained – decreased number of minor wrinkles smoothened large wrinkles, and improved skin color.

Since skin is hydrated more actively, its nourishment and blood circulation also improve. Impressive effect on appearance caused by the procedure is obvious, for skin looks healthy, bright, and refreshed.

The primary advantage of bio-revitalization is that this procedure is suitable for any part of the skin requiring restoration, on hands, neck, décolleté area, face, or occipital region.

Self-stimulation and reparation processes restored, skin then approaches naturally to its young condition, because the internal structure of dermis as well as metabolic processes are revived directly.

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