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Mesotherapy in Kiev

Mesotherapy is the practice of cosmetic injections of special pharmaceutical cocktails aimed at enriching the facial skin.

Mesotherapy products

Cosmetic therapist in Dental VixClinic has unique rejuvenating vitamin cocktails, consisting of world famous products that allow preparing customized mixtures for each patient.

Indications for mesotherapy:

  • prevention of aging changes;
  • hair and scalp therapy;
  • acne treatment;
  • stretch marks treatment;
  • cellulite treatment;
  • rosacea (redness) treatment;
  • oily skin with enlarged pores.

Services and prices
1-2 stages (4 ml)
3-4 stages (10 ml)
Chemical liposuction (local fat dissolving) – 5 ml
Duration of treatment 1 hour 30 minutes Call for information

Mesotherapy for body
Anti-acne (detoxification)
Duration of treatment 1 hour 30 minutes
Anti-cellulite Duration of treatment 1 hour 30 minutes

In some cases, visible skin problems demonstration will be minimized after several consequential treatment sessions. To reach optimum result patient is recommended to undergo a complex of procedures.

Precautions against mesotherapy

  • Allergic reactions to mesotherapy, determined by skin test held by a doctor;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation cycle;
  • cancer;
  • blood disorders;
  • herpes;
  • epilepsy.

Advantages (benefits) of mesotherapy

  • Medicines delivered only to the mesoderm (top skin level);
  • no age restrictions;
  • results of the complex of procedure will last quite a long period (around a year);
  • easily combines with other procedures in the complex.

Duration of treatment course

Total length of the mesotherapy course is about 6-10 sessions.

Effective schedule of mesotherapy sessions is once in 7-14 days.

Cosmetic therapists of Dental VixClinic recommend repeating the whole course of mesotherapy in 10-18 months.

During the whole mesotherapy course it is not recommended to:

  • apply make-up on the treated parts of skin within 24 hours;
  • use the sauna and exercise vigorously within the next two days after the session;
  • sunbathe actively during the course.

Mesotherapy can not only nourish the skin external additives, but also stimulates its own regeneration. The effect of young skin effect continues for a long time, since the dermis begins to actively produce collagen and elastin, which smooth skin and improve its elasticity.

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