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Caries Treatment in VixClinic

Caries (tooth decay) is a very ancient disease. Since XVII century, when sugar became more affordable and its consumption increased, tooth decay has been attacking a growing number of developed countries. Caries can definitely be named a disease of civilization. In childhood it heads the list of chronic diseases.

Dental caries (lat. Caries dentiis) if translated exactly means tooth decay. Caries term is now used to name diseases of dentine (fundamental structure of tooth). The decay is caused by activity of bacteria and decaying food remains in the mouth. They produce aggressive organic acids, which accumulate in the thickness of the tooth and dissolved salts of calcium, thereby destroying the mineral foundations of the tooth. Even if dental care is irregular or improper but enamel is strong enough, activity of bacteria may not affect health of teeth for a while. People who receive a full complex of essential vitamins and minerals may have such strong enamel. Proper nutrition and a strong immune system form protective basis which bacteria cannot ruin.

Caries is distinguished by sharpness of the run and depth of the damage caused. First, pain occurs when cold, sour, or sweet food contacts the cavity. Then dirty grey or brown stain appears on enamel surface. At this stage, the destruction process can be stopped with dental enamel remineralization, special pharmaceutical treatment of caries.

Because of enamel destruction bacteria now have access to dentine and penetrate deeper and destroy tooth faster. Then the second stage of tooth decay begins, and without further treatment dentine destruction will result in formation of deep cavity, “hole”. These are stages of medium and deep caries. If treatment is not done even at these stages, the destruction will affect deeper layers of tooth, and pulpit with sharp pains will appear.

How is dental caries treatment done?
Caries treatment is based on removal of the affected tissues and filling a tooth. After localizing impacted tooth, the dentist removes dental tissue destroyed by cavities. Depending on the extent and depth of caries, calcium gaskets are used for final photopolymerization. Under direct coating of the tooth, dentine bridges are formed within 1-3 months. Under indirect coating, calcium hydroxide facilitates the formation of reparative dentine.

It is crucial to use modern high-quality material in caries treatment. Dentists from Dental VixClinic choose materials carefully remembering the aesthetic aspects of their work.

For example, Vitremer Dual-Cure Glass Ionomer Cement with excellent physical properties brings great results, has caries- preventive effect action. It is available in various shades and provides chameleon effect.

To complete the treatment dentist places and polishes the filling. In Dental VixClinic Family Clinic caries treatment is painless and safe due to use of modern equipment and techniques.

Recommendations from Dental VixClinic prevention of caries.
Of course it’s better to prevent disease than cure it afterwards. To do so Dental VixClinic Clinic offers a number of recommendations.

Practice good oral hygiene:

• tooth brushing is a must, as well as scraping your tongue which accumulates a lot of bacteria after eating;
• use dental floss;
• use interdental brushes for cleaning effectively irregular teeth, deep teeth gaps, dental bridges, dental crowns, and implants.

Beware of these mistakes when brushing your teeth:

• Brushing only the visible surface.
• Brushing teeth before rather than after meals.
• Ignoring additional dental care products (dental floss).
• Choosing wrong toothbrushes. Using toothbrush more than 2 months.

However, more important is to visit dentist regularly. Frequency of visits is determined individually and depends on many factors, but it should be no less than twice a year.

Though specialists from Dental VixClinic can cope with task of any complexity and treat caries, it will save both money and health of your teeth if you don’t miss scheduled check-ups at VixClinic Family Clinic.

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