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Tooth Restoration in VixClinic

Straight and white teeth today are an integral part of self-confident person. Unfortunately, the dental arch is not always perfect by nature. Tooth restoration can help in this situation.

Restorative dentistry is a set of dental treatment procedures aimed at restoring shape and color of teeth. You can change the position of the tooth in the arch, change its color (make its shade identical to color of adjacent teeth, change color or several tooth at the same time), remove gaps in teeth.

Doctors from Dental VixClinic will restore the beauty of your teeth and make your smile perfect. Offered a set of shades to choose from, patients can be sure that their teeth will look absolutely natural.

Dental VixClinic uses the most innovative techniques and materials to restore shape and color. Individual approach guarantees that doctors from Dental VixClinic will select the optimal restoration type and plan treatment carefully.

What types of restorations are available?

Restoration with light-cured photopolymers (direct)
Restoring teeth with light-cured photopolymers ensures repair of their shape, color and functioning. Shape, color, transparency, and brilliance are those criteria, which doctors consider to create natural and harmonious smile. Color plays an important role for patients of different ages, for it is known that teeth become darker with age. Sometimes, tooth whitening alone can make patient’s appearance younger and vice versa.

Important aesthetic factor is tooth shape, which can be considered ideal if exposed to [prone, subjected, not protected against] neither attrition (physiological wearing) nor abrasion (pathological wearing), and if incisor edge has well defined texture.

Do not forget about the brilliance associated with healthy enamel. Regularity of cusps, depth of fissure, and angle of cusps affect not only the ability of tooth to participate fully in chewing, but also the strength of structure created under restorative treatment. Since restorative dentistry develops rapidly, it is now possible to repair even severely damaged teeth.

Restoration with veneers (indirect)
Popularity of esthetic dentistry increases, and patients come to specialist for teeth correction more and more often. Modern technologies allow people achieving high esthetic results and getting satisfaction from the effect their beautiful smile has on social, psychological, and emotional life.

The task of the dentist is to achieve optimal aesthetic results using functional and bio restorations. To create restorations that will be in harmony with surrounding tissues and structures is only possible with thorough planning and strict adherence to it at all stages of the treatment. These days, dentists have facilities to improve both aesthetic and functional parameters.

While changing dramatically one’s smile, veneers require minimal preparation of tooth and cause no significant discomfort. Porcelain veneers are a way to create a brand new smile design. Veneers are naturally fluorescent, carry, absorb and reflect light in the same way as natural enamel does. Such conservative restorations can satisfy the most demanding patients. Porcelain veneers are very thin (0.3 – 0.5 mm) and therefore are very fragile. Veneers break easily, just like household ceramic tiles, until fixed permanently. After adhesive cementation to solid surface veneers are become very hard.

Until recently, the most aesthetic result of anterior teeth restoration was achieved by full crowns only. However, crowns preparation requires removal of a large amount of enamel that often adversely affects the periodontal tissues and tooth pulp. Therefore, ceramic veneers meet the requirements of aesthetic dentistry better.

Healthy and straight teeth, beautiful smile guarantee our self-confidence and health. Highly qualified and experienced dentists from VixClinic will create a Hollywood smile with any restoration type.

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